The Sessions

I work at the highest level during a session and I am guided to use whatever is needed to bring a healing, helping you let go of the old wounds and ties to bring you to a new state of awareness.

I use the many tools that are in my toolbox. Over the years I’ve dealt with most issues that trouble the human spirit.

Here are a few of those tools regularly used.

INNER CHILD work will connect you to your childhood wound so that you get a full picture of the conditioning you received as a child. It can then be repaired so that you can move more freely, more in tune with yourself and free of hurt.

GRIEF WORK will help you move away from the deep pain of bereavement including death, divorce, redundancy and any other endings that have proved painful.

MEDITATION, VISUALISATION and SOUND ACTIVATIONS create their own healings, but I also use them in Sessions as a way of decreasing the stresses of life, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD,) panic attacks, and insomnia.
Meditation is also the best way to help you access your own intuition so that you can use your inner wisdom whenever you need to. We can get caught up in life’s dramas and problems, allowing fears to keep us from moving forward. Going inwards and seeking your own wisdom is a wonderful skill and a powerful tool.

Each session stands alone, but it is preferential to have between 4-6 to ensure maximum healing and awareness. Sessions are priced at £50 per hour.
My aim is for you to move from an empowered place and to be more authentic. You will be given guidance to help you.
Support will then be offered on a monthly basis if needed

The Readings

Using my intuition, and your birth data I will create a reading which may include an overview of the year ahead and any issues that are troubling you. I use various methods including my own clairvoyant thoughts and feelings, to give you information which is totally personal. I will tune in to you and help you gain insights on where you are now and what issues you are working on. I will also provide you with a lot of information about how you operate as a person and how best to use your attributes. Each reading is different, people often come if they are worried or confused, at a crossroad or needing an answer to a question or guidance on an issue. I will help you get you back on track and give you new insights.

The reading is an hour in duration and costs £70

One to One

One to one sessions are conducted from my home in Wylam Northumberland. It is easily accessible. I’m just off the A68 motorway and there’s a regular bus from Newcastle. The train station is two minutes walk from my house. It is located on the Newcastle and Carlisle railway and there are also trains to Sunderland and Darlington.
I also have a base near Bedale in North Yorkshire.

Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are very similar to phone sessions except that we are able to see each other while we talk.
I serve as a catalyst while your own subconscious sorts and shifts within you.
The energy I send allows this to occur instantly.

You will get to talk through everything that is concerning you while I connect to your energy and send healing direct to you.
People always report being able to feel the necessary shifts occurring during the call and then a definite sense of change or resolution within hours or days of the healing.

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