I have created some cameos of what I’d call teachings. They enable people to have a visual metaphor to apply as a quick reference when they need it. People often tell me they can hear my voice as they apply the teachings to their lives. Read More…


I work at the highest level during a session and I am guided to use whatever is needed to bring a healing, helping you let go of the old wounds and ties to bring you to a new state of awareness.. Read More…


Are based on astrological data and offer help and guidance. The can provide eye opening information and food for thought.


Completely actualize multidisciplinary e-business vis-a-vis principle-centered innovation. Globally repurpose cost. Read More…


Currently I don’t have any planned workshops scheduled for the remaining of this year. Please see some recent Workshops 


Sed perspiciatis unde omnis natus totam sit voluptatem audantium. Read More…


The stages of grief do not move on a time line but rather in a spiral. People can get stuck on the path and grieving continues exceeding its usual limit. Often, they are left with unpleasant memories and regrets. I can help free you from that stuckness, to let go of the hurts and move you to a place of acceptance and peace. Read More…

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