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Barbra Irvine

Long story short

I am an empathic sensitive and intuitive therapist. I have spent many years developing my consciousness and spiritual awareness. It has been a most wonderful and illuminating journey during which I have learned and practised many healing methods.

Some of those include Inner Child work, Past Life Healing, Astrology, Human Design, Bereavement and loss. Sound work and light activations and much more!

why juno’s Journey

I was told in a reading in the early 90’s that at this stage in my journey that if I were in the Temples I’d be given a new name. A bull would be killed and I would go to sleep until the energies came through. (How I wish!)

I was also told that I needed the vowels ‘u’ and ‘o’ in that name to balance the male and female elements in the rest of my name. My middle name in Jane, and Juno was an easy derivative. When I began to research Juno I realised how apposite her name was for me. She was Consort to Jupiter, my sun sign is in Sagittarius . Jupiter is my ruling planet.
Her oldest titles are Lucretia and Lucina. My daughters name is Lucy
She is the feminine principle of celestial light.
She is a moon goddess
She is the goddess of childbirth and fertility. I was an ante natal teacher and accompanied many women through childbirth.
My children began my understanding of unconditional love.
I know womens search from the cradle to the grave. I was a bereavement counsellor in a hospice.
She was advisor of the Roman people and with her sacred animals the geese, warned the defenders against the Gauls. Hence the logo.
Sadly Juno’s Journey came to an abrupt halt in the late 90’s by a betrayal. I lost faith and took another path.
The time has come for a rebirth. The recent world turmoil and actions from the planets have led me to believe the Divine Feminine has arisen yet again and needs to be honoured.
The geese are flying!!


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